Next Steps

Faith in Jesus is not a one time decision.  Making Jesus Christ your Savior is just the first step in the life of faith and following Jesus.  

West Ridge wants to help you get connected to God on a deeper level.  
These Next Steps are a starting point as you grow in your relationship with God and get further connected to the church. 

New To Faith

When you make a decision to follow Jesus with your life, we want to celebrate with you!  Let us know through a Connection Card that you made Jesus your Savior and we will make sure you get a copy of Fresh Start, a short book to help you understand more about God and give you practical steps as you start following Jesus. 

The Bible

Bible reading is an essential part of growing in faith and knowledge of God.  Make it a goal to read at least a little bit of the Bible everyday.  Check out The Bible page for info on our Bible reading plan and how to get the most of the reading. 


Church membership is a critical step in the life of the believer because it provides mutual accountability and personal commitment. Learn more

Water Baptism

In water baptism, we demonstrate that we want to accept God's offer of salvation and belong to his family. Check out the Water Baptism page for more information. 

Life Groups

The Bible is always better understood and applied to life in the context of meaningful relationships. God intended for us to experience life and faith together.  Join a group and experience community where you all grow closer to Jesus. Learn more

Newcomers Reception

If you are newer to our church and want to learn more about our local body, we invite you to attend one of our Newcomers Reception. Held a few times a year, this is your opportunity to meet those in leadership and learn a little bit more about the history and mission of West Ridge. Let us know if you want to be notified of the next event date. 

Ministry Teams

God has given you gifts and talents to make a difference. Serving on a team blesses others, but you also will be blessed through your sacrificial service.  You  can find out more about serving opportunities here