Parenting Conference
Saturday May 1st
9 am- 2:30 pm

Many moms and dads are exhausted, discouraged, and frustrated. Does that sound like you? But pastor and award-winning author Dr. Paul David Tripp is filled with hope about parenting! Join us as we watch his four-session conference, Parenting: It’s Not What You Think It Is. This conference will help you experience freedom from the daily grind, and you’ll receive a roadmap to raise children God’s way, from infancy until adulthood.
Registration Deadline is Tuesday April 27, 2021.
*Snacks and a boxed lunch are included in the registration cost.
For those with young children, we are offering childcare reimbursements up to $50 for those who attend the event.
In four sessions, you’ll learn how to:
  1. Give Up Control: The goal of parenting is not to control your child’s life; they will quickly outgrow your authority and be independent individuals. Don’t miss the big picture of what God has called you to do.
  2. Shape Their Character: Your children will reveal their lack of character over and over again. Learn how to lovingly expose the sin in their hearts and point them to the forgiveness of Jesus.
  3. Thrive In The Teen Years: Culture portrays this period of life as a chaotic season to be survived, but the Bible is very optimistic about what can be accomplished. Learn how to make the most of the teen years and help them successfully transition from childhood to adulthood.
  4. Rest In God: Parents who rest in God will experience abounding joy as a mother or father. This hope-infused conclusion will remind you that God never calls you to raise your kids without first providing you everything you need.

About the Speaker

Dr. Paul David Tripp is a pastor, speaker, and award-winning author. With more 23 books on Christian living, including the best-selling everyday devotional New Morning Mercies, Paul’s driving passion is to connect the transforming power of Jesus Christ to everyday life. Paul and his wife Luella live in Philadelphia; they have four grown children.