We invite you a season of fasting for revival and renewal.  This year we challenge you to fast one meal three days a week for one month.   When deciding which meal to fast, choose one that will be a sacrifice, not one that you regularly skip.  On the days that you fast utilize the handout to guide your time with the Lord by reading the scripture and praying through that day’s prayer point along with a point from each of the other prayer categories (Nation, Community, Personal).

Why Pray and Fast?

Communication is fundamental in any healthy relationship and prayer is how we communicate with God. As is the case in all families and relationships, there are times and seasons when we need to re-connect with one another by pulling back from the busyness and distractions of life. This is why in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, we see God's people commit to seasons of extra prayer and fasting that is focused on the current health of our relationship with God and one another.

Fasting is choosing to abstain from food for a certain period of time in order to seek God.  It is an intensified form of prayer that aides us in getting into "spiritual shape" not unlike physical training and conditioning. The Bible tells us that we are in a spiritual conflict with sin and spiritual forces that erode our relationship with God and people (Eph. 6:12). Jesus said that some of the struggles we face can only be addressed through prayer and fasting (Mt. 17:21). Fasting with prayer gets us into a position where we can more easily hear from the Lord.

Isaiah 58:6-14 lists the effects that fasting can have on our personal lives and in our world. Fasting: helps us to remember to value other people (v.6), become more generous with our time and resources (v.7), find healing emotionally and relationally (v.8), get direction from God on life decisions (v.9), address relational conflict in our life (v.9), recover things we've neglected (v.12), and restore intimacy with God (v.14).  If you want to see breakthrough in your life, fast and pray, and be expectant for how God will move in your life as a result.