Traditional Candlelight Service

Thursday December 24, 2020
4:00 PM & 5:30 PM

Join us for a traditional Christmas Eve service filled with familiar carols and a reading of the Christmas story. 

Two Ways to Attend


We are so excited to welcome you and your family into our building! It is our goal to provide a safe place for you to connect with Jesus and other believers. Here are some things you should know before arriving on-site.
  • Face Coverings are required.  We will have masks are available for you at the door along with hand sanitizer.  
  • Households seated 6 feet apart.  We have blocked off every other row and ask that you leave a space of 3-4 chairs between you and another household.  Ushers may ask you to move so we can fit as many people as possible while maintaining physical distancing.
  • Limiting seating capacity.  To help make sure we do not go over capacity we are asking everyone to RSVP before attending a service.  You can do so by clicking on the link below.

RSVP Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register each person in my family or can I do it all at once?
You can register your whole family at one time.  The form will ask for your name/your family name, how many people are attending (you can select up to 12) and where we can send a confirmation email.  If you have a family larger than 8, we may not be able to accommodate everyone in the same row.  Please arrive early so we can seat you easier.  
Will I be able to change my registration?
From your confirmation email you will be able to delete your registration.  If you need to increase the number of people attending, simply do a second registration.  If you would like to reduce the number of spaces, you can delete your registration and then register again at the lower number.  Contact Diana in the office if you need any help: 
Can Children Attend?
Yes children are welcome!  You will be responsible for helping your child maintain physical distance.  The nursery will be available if your young child gets fussy.
Am I guaranteed a seat in the sanctuary if I RSVP? 
While we are going to do our best to encourage everyone to RSVP, it is an imperfect system.  The best way to make sure you are seated is to RSVP and arrive up to 20 minutes before the service begins.  If we hit our max capacity with physical distancing, there will be limited space to watch the video feed in the cafe/lobby.


We completely understand people needing to take extra precautions to keep themselves healthy this season.  Thank you for inviting us into your home. 

Three Ways to Watch:
  • Website.  Select "Watch Live" in the top menu or click the link below.  Hop into the chat and interact with our online hosts. 
  • App.  Download our App.  Once downloaded you can cast the video to your smart TV by access the Live item in the "Media" tab.  
  • Facebook.  We will also be broadcasting directly to Facebook.  Once live (usually 10 minutes before the service beings) share it to your page and invite your friends to watch with you. 

Tips for Making it Special

Let's just acknowledge watching from home is not the same as being at church on Christmas Eve, but you can still make it different than any other night.
  1. Put the service on the largest screen you can. Know your technology: Connect your computer via HDMI to your TV, Cast it to your smart TV through the App, Screen Mirror the website from your phone browser.  
  2. Invite others to join you physically or virtually.  If you know someone who is going to be alone, consider inviting them over to your house so you can watch together.  Talk with them about precautions so you minimize risk while still offering your physical presence.    When physical presence isn't possible share the link with them and agree to interact through text or chat.
  3. Watch by candlelight.  Turn off as many overhead lights as possible and watch with only Christmas lights and candles around the room.  Get each person a small candle to light along with those in the building. Please be safe when using live flame especially when you have kids and pets around. 
  4. Get Talking. As you wait for the service to being ask your family about their favorite Christmas carols or favorite memories from past holidays.  During the service share your reactions (those who like to talk during movies will love this suggestion).  Consider leading your family in a time of prayer after the service ends as you transition into the rest of your evening.