Our Story

How it all started...

In 1924 the church had its beginning through revival meetings held in Fourniers Hall on First Avenue in Eau Claire.  In 1926 Rev. Otis Averill started leading regular meetings first in a store front on Dewey and Wisconsin Streets, then in a home at 613 North Dewey Street and called the gathering Glad Tidings Gospel Mission.

In 1934 the church, now called Eau Claire Gospel Tabernacle, bought the lot at 1719 Omaha Street.  They purchased an old barn for $112 and the lumber was used to build the exterior of the church.  The other materials needed were bought for on time payments with suppliers and the church was debt free in one year. In 1947 the church became affiliated with the Assemblies of God and changed their name Eau Claire Assembly of God.  (Though the signs for a time said Assembly of God Tabernacle.)  

They continued to meet on Omaha street until purchasing a site in the London Mall area of the city at 2821 Fairfax Street.  The first worship service was held at the new location on Easter Sunday 1974.  In subsequent years the church increased in attendance and two services each Sunday were required to accommodate the people.  During this time, the church went through another name change, now called Evangel Assembly of God.

In 1981, the land our current building occupies was purchased.  It was a lot on the very outskirts of town with nothing but bare land all around, but the leaders had the vision to know that the city would grow.  Construction began in 1982 and after selling the Fairfax Street location, the congregation met at Regis High School until the new building was ready.  The first service was held January 15, 1983.

As time went by, the city grew out toward the church.  To reflect the now defined "west side" of Eau Claire, the church adopted its current name "West Ridge Church" in 2012.  We feel we were strategically placed in this location for such a time as this and are excited to welcome people to the neighborhood. 

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together  9 am and 10:45 am