Find a good spouse, you find a good life—
    and even more: the favor of God!

Proverbs 18:22 (MSG)

Marriage Mentoring

If you are struggling in your marriage or just want to make a good marriage great you can request a Marriage Mentor!  Our team of Marriage Mentors have been trained in marriage enrichment and are here to help you address areas of growth in your marriage so that you can grow closer to each other and to Jesus.

Pre-Marriage Counseling

If you are engaged or in a serious dating relationship our pre-marital counseling curriculum will help you assess areas of strength and areas where you need to grow so that your marriage can start off the right foot.  Pre-marital counseling is a requirement if you desire to get married at West Ridge Church or by a West Ridge Church pastor.  Pre-marital counseling is done by our Marriage Mentoring team, use the link above to request a marriage mentor.

If you would like to hold your wedding at West Ridge Church please apply at the link below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there shame in asking for help?  No!  No matter how long we have been following Jesus, we all still struggle with sin.  When two sinners are married to one another there are bound to be seasons of difficulty.  Marriage Mentors will walk alongside you, helping to diagnose what is causing your challenges and give you godly advice.
What curriculum is used?  We utilize SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts) by Les and Leslie Parrott.  You will start the mentoring process by each spouse taking an online assessment* which will be shared with your mentors.  The mentors will tailor your mentoring experience based on the results. *The online assessment costs $35.
How long is the mentorship process?  The length can vary depending on the couple and the amount of time it takes to talk through the challenges in the marriage.  Mentoring will typically last three months.  The maximum amount of time a mentor will meet with a couple is 6 months.

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