Next Steps

Learn about who God created you to be while you connect with others and grow in your relationship with Jesus.

Next Step courses are for people who are new to faith, new to West Ridge Church, or who desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus.  The courses work together in a cyclical fashion so they can be taken in any order.  Those who desire to become members are required to attend all four courses before they apply for membership.
Learn the history, mission, and purposes of West Ridge Church. This course goes through what makes West Ridge Church distinct from other churches and is designed to be interactive so that participants foster a sense of belonging.
Learn the beliefs of West Ridge Church. This course goes through the Assemblies of God Statement of Faith giving participants a deeper understanding of what we believe on topics such as water baptism and the Holy Spirit.  Adults who desire to be water baptized need to take the course prior to signing up for water baptism.
Learn how to grow in your relationship with Jesus. This course talks through seven spiritual habits that will help you become more like Jesus.
Learn how you can serve Jesus. This course consists of several assessments to help you learn how you are uniquely made so you can find your place to serve in the church and build the kingdom of God. 

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