Mondays 6:00 PM- 7:15 PM
September 13, 2021 - October 25, 2021

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a place to explore the Christian faith with others.  It's a series of conversations focused on the questions of life, faith, and meaning.  Each session includes a time to connect with others, hear a talk on some element of faith, and then a chance for people to share their own questions and perspectives with the group.
Check out the Course Schedule for a list of topics we will discuss.
Every Alpha session has three key ingredients: food, talk, and discussion. So what does that look like?
Food – Alpha is relational. And nothing builds relationships like sharing food together. Each Alpha session starts with a meal
Talk – Every week there is a video episode that explores the basics of the Christian faith
Discussion – After the talk is a time of discussion in small groups where guests can share their thoughts and questions

Get Involved


Commit to praying for the volunteers, the guests, and the conversations leading up to  and throughout the course


Invite your friends! Next time you’re with a friend, coworker, or neighbor,  invite them to Alpha.  We are asking each person to register if they plan to attend so we can plan for food and childcare.


We need people to host tables and help with meals that will be served at each Alpha session

Why Alpha?

Sharing our faith can be awkward and overwhelming. Alpha provides an easy tool to share your faith.  All you have to do is bring a friend along.
Alpha creates a space where people are invited to explore the Christian faith in an environment that is pressure free and respectful.

Each talk is designed to communicate the basics of the Christian faith, so we don’t have to.  Guests are encouraged to honestly share what they think and believe without judgement
Alpha has been running globally for over 25 years. More than 1.3 million people attended Alpha last year in over 100 countries.   The majority of guests attend Alpha because they were personally invited by someone they know.

We believe that God will do a mighty work if we pray and obey.  Pray about who you should invite to Alpha and then obey by stepping out in faith to invite them.  

Course Schedule

Monday Sept 13: Is there More to this Life?
Monday Sept 20: Who is Jesus?
Monday Sept 27: Why did Jesus Die?
Monday Oct 4: How Can We have Faith?
Monday Oct 11: Why and How Do I Pray and Read the Bible?
Monday Oct 18: How Can I Resist Evil?
Sunday Oct 24: Who is the Holy Spirit and How Can I Experience the Spirit?
Monday Oct 25: The Church and Living a Live of Purpose